Suboxone Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if Suboxone is right for me?

Prescribed to individuals who are battling an addiction to opioids, Suboxone is an extremely safe and effective medication to take within a medication assisted treatment program. Suboxone is given to curb cravings for additional opioids and also decrease the painful symptoms that take place during withdrawal. By speaking with one of the medical professionals at Seattle Comprehensive Treatment Centers, you can determine if Suboxone is an ideal fit based on your individual needs.

Can I become addicted to Suboxone?

As is the case with many other medications, the use of Suboxone can lead to the development of tolerance and addiction. However, when used in a medication assisted treatment program under the supervision of medical professionals, Suboxone is an extremely safe and effective route for patients to take to overcome an opioid addiction.

Suboxone’s two active ingredients are buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine works with the same brain receptors that opioids typically activate without creating the same euphoric high that opioids do. Because no high is produced, patients are able to focus on their recovery without experiencing cravings for additional opioids or the painful symptoms that can accompany withdrawal.

Will Suboxone show up on a drug screening?

The use of Suboxone will not cause an individual to fail a drug screen. Buprenorphine, which is the main component to Suboxone, will also not show up on a drug screen unless the test is specifically designed to distinguish it. The use of Suboxone is legal for use with a prescription and under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

How long will I need to be on Suboxone?

The length of time a patient will need to take Suboxone will vary between individuals. Since some patients take Suboxone short-term while others remain on Suboxone for years, openly discussing the length of treatment with your physician will give you a better idea of how long Suboxone should be incorporated into your treatment plan. Research has shown that the use of Suboxone is both safe and effective for short or long-term use. Since Suboxone’s efficiency does not wear down over time, patients can continue its use long-term. Suboxone benefits patients by reducing opioid cravings as well as blocking the symptoms associated with withdrawal. By providing patients with relief from the physical aspects of withdrawal, individuals are able to focus on the emotional component of recovery.

Does Suboxone interact with other drugs or medications?

As is true with most prescription medications, patients should openly discuss the use of other medications being taken with their physician prior to incorporating Suboxone into their treatment plans. Since Soboxone will cause adverse effects if opioids (including, but not limited to heroin, hydrocodone, codeine, and oxycodone) and/or alcohol are consumed, it is imperative for patients to refrain from their use while on Suboxone. It is advised that patients consult with their physician prior to consuming any medications in order to avoid any adverse medical effects from taking place.

What if I no longer wish to take Suboxone? Can I stop or switch to a different medication?

While Suboxone is approved to be safe for long-term use, it does not mean that patients will have to remain on it long-term. By discussing your plan of treatment with your healthcare provider, you will be able to decide what the best course of treatment is for you in the long run. If it is decided that enough progression has been made in your treatment or that Suboxone isn’t the correct path for you to be taking, the dosage of Suboxone can be gradually tapered down until your body is completely rid of the medication. By openly communicating your progress, as well as any concerns you may have regarding treatment options, you and your healthcare provider can work together to find the best fit to ensure you receive the highest quality of care possible.

What is the cost of Suboxone treatment?

Since treatment at Seattle Comprehensive Treatment Centers varies patient to patient, the cost of care will differ as well. Our highly personalized comprehensive treatment is individualized based on the treatment requirements of each patient who walks through our doors. To further discuss the treatment options we offer, as well as your specific needs, please contact our dedicated intake team. We look forward to speaking with you.